Your first instinct is to dive right into this post. “Let’s read this quick and move on to the next thing. “I don’t have time to even read every word. I have so many things to do after this. Oh, and dinner again tonight.” But, I’d like you to stop.

I am very serious.

Stop thinking about the next thing. Stop shifting your focus. Stop multitasking. Turn off Netflix.


Now close your eyes and breathe deeply six times.
I’ll wait…

There. Do you feel the shift? In that one minute, you became fully present in your space. Your mind slowed down and you probably felt more calm and alert. Not only is focused breathing easy, it is an essential habit to develop as you grow a new life and prepare for birth.

We all have become too accustomed to the insane speed of our culture. There’s always something to DO in our lives. But because of this, we’ve all forgotten how to BE. Breathing is the easiest way to stop and focus on something while simply BEing.

Not only will slowing down become easier, but other positive changes to your body, your mind and your emotions will occur. Deep breathing calms anxiety, lowers your heart rate, reduces pain and improves your memory. And there are even more positive results! Remember, you are connected to your baby and what you feel, he or she feels as well!

Build this practice into your daily routine. Take time after each meal or before walking to your car or after a warm shower. Connect with your baby or with God during these tiny breaks in your schedule.

And now, finish this post by treating yourself and your baby to the dozens of benefits of deep breathing and peace.

Close your eyes.

And just breathe…