About Kate

A Guide For Your Journey

Every pregnancy births two uniquely new people: the mother and her baby. Finding your own path during pregnancy is the best preparation to enter motherhood and beyond with peace and confidence. You only need a loving, supportive guide to encourage your discovery and growth.
Kate is a birth attendant, educator and consultant with nearly a decade of experience. She began serving women in Nebraska and expanded her influence via the beauty of the internet. She has four children and had a different birth experience with each one: vaginal, cesarean, VBAC and freebirth.
Kate’s birth philosophy is simple: birth is healthiest when a mother/baby pair can discover their path together. For some, this means supporting their process with little (or no) outside direction. For others, medical helps are needed or desired. Some women rely heavily on education, while others tune into the voice of God and His gifts of intuition for the process. For many, it’s a strong mix of both.
Kate has supported nearly 100 births in many settings: home, hospital and birth center. She is passionate about informed choice for every birth option and wants to make sure her clients have truly personalized experiences. Kate believes YOU can have a dynamic birth and is honored to be part of your team as you prepare for the arrival of your baby.